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Coming to America: Forever Changed

Often we are questioned about what happens to the scholars after they accept Christ and return to China. After their public baptism here in America, they have officially declared their allegiance to Christ. Read two stories of what has happened to scholars after their conversion and baptism and return to China.

Expect Great Things from God!

William Carey (early missionary to India) always said, "Expect great things from God." In August we were invited to join a special orientation session for the newly arrived students from China. Imagine our surprise and delight when we walked into the room and were introduced to 25 new Chinese students!

China Outreach Ministries shares Christ’s love with Chinese students and scholars from North American campuses, serving them, reaching them with the Good News, discipling them, and helping them become godly leaders for Christ who share their faith with others.

A heart-warming story of how God's grace reached this couple through the tragedy of their daughter's death.

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