2019 Banquets Information

Please join us for a COM 2019 banquet to hear updates on the strategic mission of COM.   More Information >>
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Area: Thursday, March 28  Register
Washington, DC: Friday, March 29  Register
Baltimore, Maryland, Area: Saturday, March 30  Register
Canton, Ohio: Monday, April 8  Register
Erie, Pennsylvania: Tuesday, April 9  Register

COM Staff Opening: Mobilization Coordinator

As Jesus told His disciples, “The Harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” Please join COM staff and leadership in praying for many more workers in the Harvest, as Jesus commanded us to do (Luke 10:2). To help meet these needs, COM is seeking a mobilization coordinator to join COM’s Human Resources team.
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Our mission work is made possible
though generous contributions
from friends like you.
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Serve with Us

Reaching Chinese students and scholars at
American universities may be the greatest
mission strategy in the world today. Could
God be calling you to join us in this historic
opportunity to impact the largest nation in
the world for Christ?
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President's Words

I have always loved the Bible passage
where Jesus calms the storm. I love it for
its drama, its depiction of our human frailty,
and, in contrast, the awesome power of God.
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What in the World Can You Do?
need of the world for Christ? You pray, and
you give to missions, and these are
important. Yet you still feel that you could
do more.
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