God’s Work in the Midst of Crisis

A Message from COM President Daniel Su
April 2, 2020

As we all face new challenges and difficulties during this unprecedented time, we continue to see God’s faithfulness and his hand at work.

Since the emergence of COVID-19, our ministries have all experienced many changes. As the virus has spread globally, our staff have adjusted not only to new ways of working, but to the various personal trials as well. In the midst of the crisis, I pray that you will be encouraged by some updates I’ll share here.

A Glimpse into Current Campus Ministry

Our ministries look different during this time of social distancing, but God is moving in new ways in the lives of Chinese students and scholars. Meetings have now shifted to online video formats, and some even report increased attendance in this new context. This has also been a rich time of reconnecting with returnees in China.

Staff continue to engage individually with Chinese friends through email, phone, and virtual connections. We rejoice with this testimony from a COM staff member just this week:

For the last few months, we have been meeting for Bible study with “Gary” and his wife, who is a believer. Going through the COM bilingual introductory Bible study, Gary has been resistant but has continued to participate in the sessions.

When we met by Zoom two weeks ago, Gary’s heart had changed. A question in the lesson asked, “Do you know how to experience salvation?” Gary answered that, no, he did not. After we explained what it means to trust Jesus, we asked Gary if he was ready to do this. Yes, Gary was ready. “Now,” he enthusiastically replied. We led him in a prayer, with his wife translating, and we all rejoiced!

Our staff are reporting that their Chinese friends across the country and in China are more available to connect with them as they feel more vulnerable and less self-sufficient. Also, their hearts are softening and more open to spiritual things. Please pray with us that God may move many to faith in him.

Organizational Updates

In the COM Leadership Center, we are also responding to the new challenge:

• Due to the governor's orders in Pennsylvania, our COM office has closed. Instead, we are working remotely to keep our ministry operations moving forward.
• Our annual staff conference in April has been canceled. Instead we will proceed with an online mini-conference during the previously allotted time.
• All of our spring banquets have been canceled or rescheduled, and we will keep in touch with our supporters to encourage continued partnership with us.

Please feel free to reach out to staff members by email as needed. Together with our ministry partners, we continue the mission God has given us at such a time as this.