Back to China, Forever Changed

I AM A DOCTOR in China. I grew up in a Christian family. My grand­parents and my mother are devout Christians, but I didn’t personally know God. When I went to Boston as a visiting scholar a few years ago, I attended church irregularly because of “busyness” and “inconvenience.”

Then a friend named Steven invited me to a fellowship led by COM staff member Rose Chiu, which met near my work. I felt that could be God’s calling, and I started to attend regularly. Through the teaching of Rose and her husband, Ben, Steven’s creative games, and the testi-mony of Elaine, Steven’s wife, I became eager to know God and his Word more. I gradually realized what tortured me from the past was my sin of pride, insecurity, and self-sufficiency. I understood that Jesus loves me unconditionally and had died for me on the cross.

I confessed my sins to Jesus, began to pray, and learned to trust him whenever I felt burdened. God answered my prayers. My son came to Boston and did well at a public primary school. My father-in-law was granted a visa, so he could come to help me take care of my son. My research papers were all accepted. Also, my sister-in-law finally gave birth to their first baby. The blessings were too many to count, and my heart was filled with peace and joy.

Finally, I decided to follow my heart and accept the Lord. I was baptized in a church in Boston just one month before I returned to China. Though many peo­ple told me that there is strict control of religious beliefs in China, I was not afraid because I knew God’s calling.

When I returned to China, I was eager to find a good church. And I was blessed that God was arranging everything. With Rose’s help, I found brothers and sis­ters in a church close to my home and hospital. When I joined the fellowship, I fell in love with such a group of people. They do charity like character camps for children, a free clinic, and programs for poor college students—following God’s will to help people in every corner of the world. I was also moved by the worship. When I heard the song “Mercy of the Lord,” I couldn’t help crying. And when I stood up as a freshman at the church, the cheerful “God chose you” gave me the warmth of going home.

However, due to busy work and family business, I missed a lot of church activi­ties. Now I am thinking about how to overcome those problems and be closer to God. In my hospital, the government now scrutinizes religious beliefs and has been pressuring Christians to abandon their faith. I am not afraid of political repression, for God is in my heart. I will never part with my faith, and by the love and power of God I will strive to become a better doctor, mother, and wife to contribute to society and family.

As I look back, God has always been there for me. Everything that has happened and everyone I have encountered are his work. There will be ups and downs, but Jesus will never leave me. I will follow Him all the days of my life. All glory goes to God.

Please pray for me, that I may continue my faith journey in China despite the harsh environment.

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