September 25, 2021

Most Precious Gems

By a Chinese student recently in America

It has been an amazing journey getting to know the Lord and continuing to walk with him.

When I first arrived in the United States as an exchange student, I was overwhelmed by the language and cultural differences. I felt like I was a stranger, and I was lonely.

Soon, I got a few opportunities to meet up and talk with some Christians. They always tried to find all kinds of things to help me. Their sincerity, passion, and kindness flowed out of them, and I was deeply moved by it. I felt so comfortable and warm to be with them, as if I was with my family.

Gradually, the weekly gathering times with these Christians became part of my life. But this was not the reason I eventually became a believer. The journey was actually marked by countless conversations I had with the Lord deep down in my heart. I could feel that I became closer to him, and I could give myself to him.

I have learned that the Lord lives near us, speaking to our hearts so many times. He may call on us, but we do not always hear him. It is as if we are sleeping. We are most likely to be woken up by God when big trials come into our lives, because those are the moments we realize that we are desperately in need of his help.

One example for me was when the pandemic hit us last year. I had to face many challenges in my life. Could I still graduate? Could I still go back to China? Would I be infected with the virus if I flew back? Each one of the questions made me anxious and worried. I lifted up these questions to God daily, listening and waiting for his guidance.

When I first studied the Bible, I always judged whatever was there from my materialistic philosophical viewpoint. I thought that many stories were impossible. This blocked me from believing in the Lord. But slowly, I found that materialism won’t solve the problems of our souls, especially in society today.

We are all tempted with external, tangible things, and we focus our lives on them, but we rarely think about our own hearts and souls. The Holy Spirit does work in our hearts. It may not be tangible or visible, but can be felt.

Eventually, the questions and doubts I had about the Bible did not stop me from believing in the Lord. Then I was baptized a month before I went back to China. With His help and blessings, everything went smoothly as I returned home and graduated. The Lord was protecting me so the worries I had were not turned into reality. Praise Him!

When you calm down and come to the Lord, knowing that you can trust him, I have found that he indeed will help you. He will give you strength and faith. I have found I can feel his guidance, so that I know what decisions to make.

Throughout my journey, I have found out that the questions and confusion you have when you read the Bible won’t be barriers for you to believe in him anymore. Once you have a relationship with the Lord and start to study his Word, you will eventually find the answers. The Holy Spirit will gradually fill your heart and will bring a breakthrough to your life.

This is what is required to grow spiritually. The words that come from the Holy Spirit are like the most precious gems—they are never naturally exposed—you will have to discover, examine, feel, and taste them yourself.

I’m grateful for my trip to the USA, that I got to know the Lord and became His child. This is the most fortunate experience I have, and I can gladly boast about it in my life.


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